Published on: 4/7/2015

15 Mumbai Food Places You Should Definitely Try With Your Foodie Buddies

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If you love food, Mumbai is the place where you belong. It is home to every style of food, you can get everything to want, be it street food or proper restaurants. The food is delicious and pocket friendly. So here is a list of ten places which u need to visit with your friends if you havent done so.

1. Pav Bhaji At Sardars

This restaurant is a five minute walk from Mumbai CST and it specialises in mutter pav bhaji. Any passerby looking for a place to eat pav bhaji, is guided towards sardars refreshment.

Addess- Sardar's, 166-A Tardeo Road Junction, Tulsiwadi, near Tardeo bus depot.

2. Kebabs at Sarvi

This place has been serving the most tender beef seekh kebabs since last 90 years. It looks old, has no sign and looks damaged by fire. They serve delicious kebabs, which are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Its better if u reach early to grab a bite of these, as they sell out very soon.

Address- Sarvi, 184/196 Dimtimkar Road, opposite Nagpada Police Station, Byculla West.

3. Vada Pav at Anand

This stall serves more than thousand vada pavs a day and its famous among students as well as businessman. Soft potato patties served with coriander chutney and sprinkled with garlic and chilli powder. What else can a Mumbaikar ask for?

Address- Anand, opposite Mithibai College, Gulmohar Road, Vile Parle West.

4. Pani puri at Elco Pani Puri Centre

The best part about this place is that they use mineral water. The pani puris are made very creatively, firstly a mixture of potato, chickpeas, onion, sprouted lentils is prepared and then it is filled in crispy fried spheres. Then they dunk it into a sweet-and-sour mix of tamarind and jaggery, then a liquid blend of coriander, mint and garam masala.

Address- Elco Pani Puri Centre, 2/A Elco Market, 46 Hill Rd, Bandra West, +91 22 2645 7677, 50p for two. Open 10am-11.30pm.

5. Chicken Tikka Rolls at Bademiya

This place is one of the most famous food joint when it comes to look for a place to eat late night. This place serves yummy snacks both veg and non-veg, but there highlight is there chicken tikka rolls. Bademiya is an open kitchen on wheels and the waiters appear in red aprons and hand over the menus. The meat is served in very soft roomali roti and topped with strips of fried onion.

Address- Bademiya, Tulloch Rd, Apollo Bunder, Colaba

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6. Bhel Puri at Sharmajee's and Badshah's

These stalls are located near the chopati beach and are famous for their bhel puri. Bhelpuri is a very common snack, which we like to eat on the spot and while strolling along the shore. It is a mixture of sweet and sour puffed rice, sev, onion, potato and tamarind chutney.

Address- Sharmajee's and Badshah's, Chowpatty Beach, near Charni Road station, 30p per plate. Open all day

7. Kheema Pav at Olympia Coffee House

This coffee house not only offers a sweet cup of coffee, it serves delicious masala kheema. So now you dont have to look for places to eat meat, the ways locals look for. You can straightaway approach this place, which is bang opposite to leopold caf. Olympia has a very friendly staff and they are very welcoming.

Address- Olympia Coffee House, Rahim Mansion, 1 SB Singh Rd, Colaba. Open 7am-midnight.

8. Channa Bhatura at Cream Centre

Though they serve a little oily version of channa bhatura, still they are rated the best in Mumbai by the students and workers on breaks. The place is a little conjusted, so sit tightly in your booth and enjoy your bowl of creamy masala chickpeas, with deep fried puris and onions.

Address- Cream Centre, Fulchand Niwas 25/B Chowpatty Sea Face.

9. Crab at Mahesh Lunch Home

Its impossible if you come to Mumbai and you dont try crabs. Mahesh offers excellent butter garlic crab with a roomali roti, so that you can balance the garlic and chilli. If you are unable to decide your portion, the waiters will happily serve the crab on your table. Theres only one way to eat your crab, wear a bib and use your both hands in making as much mess as you like.

Address- Mahesh Lunch Home, 8-B Cawasji Patel Street, Fort.

10. Juices and Milkshakes at Bachelorr's

This roadside place is a very famous stop among all the people who have a sweet tooth. If you are craving for something sweet late in the night, this place is perfect for you. They serve the best ice-creams, milkshakes and desserts with fresh cream. This place is open till 4 am and is opposite chowpatty.

Address- Bachelorr's, Chowpatty Sea Face, opposite Birla Krida Kendra, near Charni Rd station.

11. Mysore Masala Dosa, Outside Sophia college

Annas mysore masala dosa in not only the best, it is also very famous among not only Sophia girls, as well the residents staying in close proximity which is breach garden, warden road, pedder road and the kemps corner. The way these dosas are prepared is very unique as compared to other places. They serve quite a variety of dosas and all of these can make you say wow!

Address- Mysore masala dosa, outside Sophia college, bhulabhai desai road.

12. Falooda at Badshah

After getting tired from your shopping session at crowfard market, this place is the answer to all your questions. Badshah offers a variety of luscious and delicious faloodas and their best flavour is rose flavour. So at a hot and busy day, this place can provide you with all the refreshment you need.

Address- badshah, crowfard market.

13. Juices at Haji Ali Juice Centre

This juice centre is generally filled up by all the devotes, who come here for grabbing a juice after praying at haji ali. This juice centre provides its customers with a huge variety of juices and creams. Among them sitafal cream and milk shake are the most delicious ones.

Address- haji ali juice centre, mahalaxmi.

14. The Bombay Sandwich at Sandwich Wala, Outside Xaviers college

If you are in south Mumbai and you are looking for a place to eat, this stall is what you are looking for. Though the stall is very small in size, but they serve really tasty and delicious sandwiches. This place is not only famous among the college students but as well as the nearby working people. And as they say, when in doubt, hog a sandwich.


15. Golas

Yes! Mumbai Golas. Mumbai's Snow Cones. Golas need no introduction to Mumbaikars. There are gola stalls all over Mumbai, but there's nothing like eating one right next to the sea! Kala Khatta is what you want to have if you're sinking your teeth into a gola for the first time.

Address- All Over Mumbai

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15. Tapri Wala Cutting Chai

Addicted to starbucks? Costa? Barista? CCD? STOP! You're not a true Mumbaikar if you haven't had the Mumbai Tapri Cutting Chai. It's one of those things that's keeps the city moving. I can't even imagine what will happen if the Tapri Walas Go on strike. Can you? Well, rather not think of a Mumbai without cutting chai!

Address- All Over Mumbai. Don't need to guide a Mumbaikar to a cutting chai wala!

So what are you waiting for? I'm going out to with my friends right now! Are you?


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