Published on: 9/18/2017

Anant Ambani Dating Sara Tendulkar

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Anant Ambani also has good fame being the India’s richest man son and the heir of Reliance industries. Anant Ambani came in to news with his over-weight body. But he inspired many people who are suffering with over-weight. Anant Ambani shred almost 108kilos in just 18 months without any artificial treatment.

According to grapevines going on in the ‘Page 3’ communities of Mumbai, a sensational love story is coming into the picture. It is none other than link up of Anant Ambani, the scion and youngest son of Mukesh Ambani with Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of India’s most loved sports personality, Sachin Tendulkar. 

It is no more a secret that Sachin Tendulkar has become a sort of family member to Ambani family. They spend holidays together. Sachin is the mentor of Mumbai Indians, the team owned by Mukesh Ambani and managed by none other than maverick Nita Ambani.

Anant worked hard to shred his weight and now he became one of the most desirable bachelor in the country. Now, Sara Tendulkar and Anant Ambani are dating each other for a while as they were spotted in few occasions together. However, Ambani’s and tendulkar’s have a close relationship and they are family friends. Sara and Anant would not have any problems in convincing their parents.

Anant was recently in news for losing enormous amount of weight in a very short span of time. The man who was unjustly ridiculed on the Social Media for being very heavy weight is now getting admiration for showing determination to becoming ‘lean and thin’ in a very natural and safe way. 

Why would sachin oppose when her daughter is marrying the son of India’s richest man? And why would Ambani oppose Anant marrying the daughter of India’s cricket god sachin who is even famous than Mukesh Ambani. However, there is no official confirmation from any of the family members. Stay tuned to for more updates on Sara’s love with Anant.

Is Anant Ambani Dating Sara Tendulkar?

There is some news about Anant Ambani’s girlfriends. It is also said that he decided to do everything to lose weight just because a girl had rejected his proposal in the USA. But, that might be a history now. As, he is allegedly linked up with Sara Tendulkar.

It should be noted here that there is no word coming out about this relationship from any of families. They may not disclose it in near future. But, as Galib had once poetically said that Ishq and Mushq chhupaye nhi chhupte.

According to some insider, this news has no truth. They say that Anant and Sara just share cordial relationship just because of close proximity between Tendulkar and Ambani families. Further, Sara Tendulkar is only 18 years old and currently she is concentrating on studies, not in making any committed relationship.

The truth will definitely come out in a very short period of time. Sachin was seen quite happy with Anant Ambani in his new look. In fact, Sachin did first thing during this IPL was to go for a photo session with Anant. 

Anant after losing weight has become quite handsome. Many are saying that he looks better than his smart elder brother, Akash Ambani.
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