Published on: 4/28/2016

More Disturbing (But Amazing) Pictures Expose The Absurdities Of Modern Culture *Warning: Graphic Images*

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Pictures like the ones you are going to see have been surfacing increasingly of late, as specialists around the globe feel constrained to react to a percentage of the offensiveness they find on the planet.

While the facts may prove that specialists who really have the valor to share their musings on vital social issues are uncommon, it's incredible to see their development turning out to be more incessant. Indeed, even in the music business there has been an ascent of craftsmen who have something to say and need it to be heard by the masses. While the greater part of craftsmen are not in this space and specialists who do stand up are met with resistance, it's rousing regardless when it happens.

A year ago we shared some comparable pictures and they were seen by millions, as individuals unmistakably impacted them profoundly. A percentage of the pictures underneath are finished by craftsman Luis Quiles and others by Steve Cutts.

The craftsmanship underneath draws on an extensive variety of disputable issues extending from typification of ladies, war and power, online networking, political misuse of assets, open recognition, religion, and the sky is the limit from there.

These pictures may hit a repulsive harmony with some of you, however that is alright. These are parts of our reality that we have to address. My proposal when seeing this craftsmanship is to take as much time as is needed and be open, as it is obviously open to translation. It would be ideal if you recollect that craftsmanship is interested in subjective translation and reflects stand out individual's perspective of the world. Don't hesitate to share your interpretation of the representations in the remark segment underneath!

Viewer discretion is advised.

Obsession over social media attention




Obesity in one direction, starvation in another

The suppression of women in religion


Anything for more dollars

Female genital mutilation

Once again…


Cell phone obsessed culture

Money as a means for opportunity


Submissive and closed minded society


Objectification of women


Thirst for oil



Selling ourselves for attention
Rooted in virtual worlds
* I could not find sources for all of the images so if you know the artists other than who I mentioned above please let me know!

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