Published on: 12/14/2017

Saudi crown prince once offered Rs.64 Crore to spend one night with Kim Kardashian

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The offer was made after Kim’s husband had declared millions of dollars of debt

King Salman of Saudi Arabia made a grand announcement on the 21st of June by declaring his 31-year-old son Mohammed Bin Salman as the new Crown Prince. With this decision, the King comfortably swept aside his son’s arch rival Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef from being the successor.

American rapper Kanye West had taken to his twitter handle to announce his Millions of Dollars of debt. West had also announced that he would willingly accept help from Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg and Google’s Larry Page.
While the billionaire businessmen refused to make any comment whatsoever, it was the Saudi Prince’s son who chose to help out the rapper and his model wife.

After the comment was made, the Prince received much hatred from several International celebrities and even women organizations. Calling it an ‘insult to women across the world’, the Prince was widely slammed.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West however chose to remain mum and refrained from retaliating to the comment.

A similar incident had occurred in the year 2014 when Kim Kardashian was offered $1 Million by another Prince for attending a party.

Rumours however had it that Kim Kardashian had accepted the $1 Million offer to party in Saudi Arabia alongside the Prince, although no official announcement of the same was made. 

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