Published on: 7/19/2015

10 Best First-Class Airplane Seats Around the world

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In this world, there are so many airlines that are highly popular because of their flyer programs, expensive rates and first-class airplane seats. Right now, there are airlines are working worldwide. Mostly airlines have positive and good reputation among their customers. We would like to mention that mostly airlines are famous because of their airplane seats. Well it must be interesting to read that there are 10 first class airplane seats that are nicer and relaxing than normal apartments. The details of such first class and top airplane seats are given below.

1. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airline

On number 1st, we have Etihad Airways. Apart from having airline seats, Etihad Airways also offer first class airplane seat like an apartment with a luxurious bedroom, private shower, living area. Moreover, this airplane seat like apartment has 125 square foot area.

2. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific

On number 2nd, we have Cathay Pacific. Basically, it is Hong Kong based airline. Cathay Pacific offers first class and luxurious suites with expensive amenity kits.

3. Emirates


Thirdly, we want to mention the name of Emirates. Dubai Emirates first class airline seats are packed with minibar, vanity mirror and beautiful wardrobe. Isn?t it great. Moreover, Dubai Emirates first class airline seats also offers marble lined shower spas for passengers.

4. British Airways

British Airways

On number 4th, we have the name of British Airways. We would like to mention that British Airways offers ultra modern and luxurious suites with other items like beauty products for women, high class schwag etc.

5. Air France

Air France

On number 5th, we have Air France airline for offering first class suites. We would like to mention that Air France airline introduced its first class suites service in September. The cost of Air France suites is $ 75 million.

6. Jet Airways

Jet Airways

On number 6th, we have Jet Airways. We would like to mention India Jet Airways offers first class and luxury suites with private sleeping areas, 23 i10nch flat screen TV etc. Moreover, these suites are also treated with personalized meals.

7. Qantas


Qantas is also popular for offering international first class suites. Each suit includes 6.5 foot long flat bed with sheepskin mattresses.

8. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

If we talk about airlines which have high class suites then we should mention the name of Qatar Airways. Apart from having business class seats, Qatar Airways also offers first class suites for passengers.

9. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

On number 9th, we have Singapore Airlines. Well, Singapore Airline is considered to be best airline in the whole world. Singapore airplane seats are equipped with around 23 inch LCD system and standalone beds.

10. Lufthansa

Lufthansa - Airplane Seats

Lastly, we have Lufthansa as a popular airline for offering first class seats. Well, Lufthansa first class seats are the model of elegance. All the first class seats offers fine dining and best entertainment options.

So these are just top 10 airlines that offer first class and expensive suits for passengers. These luxurious suites are very relaxing and comfortable than your apartments.

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