Published on: 4/19/2014

How To Get The Girl Into Your Bed

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Recently we did a sex podcast on Project GO where we told guys how to give a girl an orgasm, squirt, and other techniques to make her squeal pleasurable sounds. But, we didn't really discuss how to get the girl in bed in the first place. It's a step that should be looked more into because let's face it; if you can't get the girl in bed or just in a situation where sexual intercourse can take place, then... how can you even make the girl orgasm? Don't answer that, it's a hypothetical question. 

Of course, there are also ways to get the girl to have sex with you in your car, public spaces, kitchen, in her parent's house, etc., But that's for another time or a future podcast. For now, we're going to go into: 

How To Get a Girl In Bed

The Pre-Plan 

I think the best way to get the girl in bed is to invite her to your place before the date. If you're in college, or if the girl has a car, tell the girl to go to your apartment. Then once she's inside, give her a tour of your place. It is crucial in this time that you show her around: introduce her to your roommates, the kitchen, and of course a glimpse of your room. 

It is very important that you show her your room before you even move her to your bed. You want her to feel comfortable in your room, so when she's turned on, she knows where your room is and can deal with its atmosphere. You don't want her to give you an out by saying, "wow this place is dirty." Rather, if your room is dirty, she already knows and she can just focus on making out with you. 
Clean your room and leave things out that show your personality: books, trophies, pictures of your family, etc.,

This method also works AFTER the date. Basically, the idea is BEFORE you make any sexual advances to the bedroom, it's best to give a tour of your place. Then, you leave your room, talk, or do something productive. Then, once you start making out, bring her to your room... and make it happen. 

But, to even get her to tour your place, you have to be able to invite her inside: 

Getting Her Inside Your Place 

This is where you need to be the most confident. You're going to say things that will definitely suggest that sexual things will happen, but how do you do it where you don't make her feel too easy? Of course, you can be direct; "Come inside, because we're going to have sex." I've found that this line is a very high risk, high reward line. If it works, you know she's down. There is no need for a tour, because things will happen ASAP. 

But, I have something that is almost always guaranteed to work. If the date went well, tell her you bought some groceries and invite her up to make and eat some dessert. It's a great segway because it extends the date, it makes her comfortable, and it's always fun to get to know someone over ice cream. 

It doesn't have to be ice cream- it can be bananas, for all god knows. Just make it explicit that you want to get to know her better, because you think she's cool. 

Many guys use the "watch a movie" bit. I personally don't like this line, because a movie means she'll be staying over for more than 2 hours. If she's on a time crunch, she'll make an excuse not to come in: a quick dessert/snack to talk more is always better. 

What about her place? 

Getting Yourself Into Her Place 

If you're dropping her off at her place, it's crucial that you park the car / make the taxi cab stop a few blocks away from where she lives. You want to give yourself ample time to walk with her as she gets close to her door. It is during the walk to her place that you should be hold her hand, talk about things that happened during the date, flirt more, etc., Also, you should also implement a few lines like: 

"This is a cool neighborhood, I wonder what you have inside your place." "I can't wait to see how you live." Again, you should be suggesting that you are going to be invited inside her place. Also, the walk to her place provides more comfort that you're a guy she would like to spend more time with. 

Once You're In Her Place 

Ask for a tour, ask where her bathroom is, ask ask ask ask her to show you around. If you go inside, stay silent, and wait for her to direct you, it'll just be a boring interaction. The possibility of getting yourself into her bed greatly diminishes. Sometimes I like to say, "I have to pee, show me where the bathroom is located." Or even, "You said you're a very creative person during the date, I bet your room is full of paintings... show me." 

How To Get Sexual With Her & Into The Bed 

It's when you're outside the room that you should really begin making out with her ,or just doing something sexual with her. You're  wondering "how do I make the move?" Listen, if you're gut is telling you to kiss her, FUCKING KISS HER. Then, during the making out process, lead her to your room / her room. 

Remember, because you've / she's already been inside your room, there is no need for exploration. You're good to go and you're ready to start taking out the condom (use protection especially for the first time)... it's game on. 
Ending Thoughts

You don't always have to leave her/your room once you're inside, it's just easier for some to leave and then come back. The idea is about building comfort with you and the environment she's in: once it's triggered in her mind that she can be safe with you, she'll move forward with you. 

You got this, I think it's time you get her into your bed.

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