Published on: 1/17/2018

Indigo Flies Passenger To Nagpur Instead Of Indore

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How careless can one be while ensuring passenger or flight safety? As it turns out, pretty careless. Imagine being boarded on a wrong flight, without thorough check-ups, and landing in a city you didn't intend to visit in the first place. It's quite scary - for both you and the airline. 


Of late, IndiGo has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. So, this doesn't come as a complete shocker. 

The airline recently put a passenger, who had the ticket and boarding pass for an Indore-bound flight, on a Nagpur-bound plane. It was only after the passenger landed in Nagpur that the major security gaffe was realised. 

The airline has since initiated a probe into the matter. In a statement, the airline said,

“The passenger was scheduled to travel to Indore on IndiGo airline’s flight 6E 656. At the time of check-in, he was given a boarding pass for the same flight. However, he boarded the aircraft which was bound for Nagpur and no one from the airline noticed this goof-up."

The airline apologised and regretted the breach,

“IndiGo regrets the security breach intercepted by its security staff on flight 6E 774 (DEL-NAG), wherein a passenger of flight 6E 656 (DEL-IDR) wrongly boarded the flight 6E 774 and further travelled to Nagpur, after boarding the wrong coach.”

representative image/IndiGo

A security lead, second lead, and skipper, who were involved in the incident, have now been taken off the airline's roster till the internal inquiry is completed. 

Of course, people were quick to judge. 

Not long ago, IndiGo faced severe backlash after a video of its ground staff manhandling an elderly passenger surfaced online. They say bad publicity is good publicity but does putting passenger or flight safety at risk good for an airline's image? The answer will always be a firm no. 

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