January 16 Tuesday 3:06:11 PM

Shama Sikander Updates Her Instagram Showing How To Win Dubai Heat

Celebs are known for their ability to draw attention by things that are usually common. Shama Sikander has yet again done that by making her Instagram handle red hot with her vacation pictures from Dubai. Clad in a golden bikini, she is gorgeousness personified. The photographs are a pwerfect balance between the sexy, sultry, cute and goofy. Shama had also created a stir on social media when she had posted equally scorching photographs of her vacation in Switzerland.

Shama's sense of aesthetics and her fitness regime are still worth praises. Her pics match the scorching climes of the desert climes. The 'Yeh Meri Life Hai' actress is clearly doing well and it is wonderful to see her in a position where she has taken charge of her happiness so well. Her's is also a story of rags to riches where she once lived in Mumbai with a large family in poor conditions. She once said that there was often no food to eat.


12/8/2017 | 40
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