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There is life beyond cancer - Says Manisha Koirala

Indian bollywood actress Manisha Koirala gestures during an inauguration ceremony of the historic Gobindgarh fort in Amritsar on December 12,2016. The historic Gobindgarh fort marked the first phase of its renovations with an event attended by various celebrities of Indian cinema and other dignitaries.


Manisha Koirala, who is acting in Lenin Rajendaran's Malayalam film Edavappathy, attended a promotional press conference recently in Trivandrum

The actress appeared dressed in a classy navy blue and gold silk kurta, and obliged shutterbugs with pictures as she walked in. Manisha, who is a cancer survivor, spoke mostly about her comeback from the disease and the importance of staying happy. "Life is a gift from God and we should stay positive every moment we are alive," she said. She also expressed her disappointment at the way cancer is presented in films. "Cancer is portrayed as a fatal disease in every film. We give a lot of false information about cancer through our movies which should be corrected," she said.

Manisha Koirala After successful ovarian Cancer Surgery at London.

There is a life beyond cancer, feels actor Manisha Koirala, who survived ovarian cancer. "I want to put cancer behind me and get my life back on track," she said during a news conference held in connection with her Malayalam film 'Edavapathy' directed by Lenin Rajendran.

She said that she had not given much value to her life until she was diagnosed with the disease. "Cancer is not a death sentence in life," she said.

Revealing the story about her own cancer survival, Koirala said that Canadian actor Lisa Ray and Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh inspired her a lot in her fight against the disease. She also said that at present she is working with some NGO's in creating awareness on cancer.

The actor, who donned strong female characters in 'Bombay', 'Dil Se', and 'Khamoshi', opined that equality and spirituality are the only answers to the war and chaos the world is facing now. Referring to incidents of intolerance in the country, she said that every soul in this world has a right to live.

The film 'Edavapathy', depicting the struggles of the Tibetan people in Bylacopa in Mysore district, is nearing completion. According to director Lenin Rajendran, Edavapathy is a period film which depicts the life of the nearly 7,000-strong population, including nuns, monks and civilians who have lived there for 37 years. "There are various mental conflicts plaguing the Tibetans in this region -whether to follow the spiritual path of Dalai Lama or to resort to terrorism," said Rajendran.

Sidharth Lama, the young Rimpoche of 'Yodha' fame, is back to Malayalam cinema with this film after 22 years. He expressed his desire to work with actor Mohanlal. "I definitely want to work with Mohanlal again. I hope there will be a movie with him next, may be a second part to Yodha," said Lama.

The film is being shot in Bylacopa, Hampi, Madikeri, Kulu-Manali and Thiruvananthapuram.

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