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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Look Appear More Expensive

Not all of us have the cash to deck ourselves out in Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and Diesel. While you may have a few pieces from some or each of these kinds of brands, it’s impossible for most people to have a wardrobe that’s exclusively brand-named clothing. Even if you are one of the few who can boast such a closet, it doesn’t mean you’re wearing the items correctly. However, with a few simple tips, you can upgrade your look that consists of less expensive clothing, and make it look like you dropped mad money on your outfit.

Get Your Items Tailored

Most people, especially dudes, seem to be hesitant about seeing a tailor. Perhaps it’s because they have this assumption that it will be expensive to do, but that usually isn’t the case if you find a skilled but reasonably priced one.


Also, the $15-$25 that it might cost you is well worth it, especially if the clothing you purchased was inexpensive. This is because when you buy an item of clothing, let’s say a pair of pants, it’s unlikely that they will fit you 100%. Maybe they’re slightly too long, or loose on the sides, so by going to a tailor, you’re maximizing the use, value, and appearance of the item of clothing you bought.

Invest In One Nice Suit

If there is any piece(s) of clothing that is worthy of the investment, it’s a suit. A suit is classy, and if you buy a cheap one, it will surely show. Therefore, if you’re on a budget, but still want to look expensive, your best bet is to only invest in a suit, whereas everything else can be bought for a much smaller price tag.


So just go to your local suit shop, or Nordstrom, or any department store really, and have your measurements taken beforehand, so that the person working there can arrange to have your suit to be tailored to own personal measurements, instead of fitting awkwardly.

Take Care of Your Shoes

There’s a Russian saying that implies that you can judge a person by their shoes. Most of the time, this is quite accurate for a few reasons. First of all, shoes really “wrap up” the outfit, and every aspect of the outfit could be perfect, but if the shoes aren’t fitting to the occasion, or just the rest of the outfit, then it’s not going to work, and you’ll run the risk of appearing sloppy or having zero taste.


The state that your shoes are in also play a huge role in outfit completion, so always be on the safe side, when you see a spot show up on your shoes, address it early and keep them clean and shiney.

Store Your Clothing Properly

A large aspect of making your look appear more expensive is storing your clothing properly. This basically means that whatever needs to be folded, must be folded, and whatever needs to be hung, must be hung, and not the other way around.


For example, when dealing with a suit or a pair of jeans, these are items that absolutely should be hung, otherwise you’re going to be spending more time and energy trying to correct the wrinkles that are to be created if you fold them. Instead, just divide all of your clothing between what should be folded, and what should be hung.

Launder Your Clothing Properly

You know that on the back of your shirt? It doesn’t just exist for the sake of displaying your size, but to inform you as to how you should properly wash that particular article of clothing. Telltale signs of cheap or bad-quality clothing are wrinkling, shrinking, and fading.


However, if you take excellent care of your garments, you can very easily fool people into thinking that the t-shirt you’re wearing cost $50, and not $15. If the back of the tag says “Dry clean only”, then by god, you dry clean them. Just by paying attention to how each garment should be washed, you’ll maintain color, shape, and overall quality of each piece of clothing.

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