Published on: 1/20/2016

Bin Laden Still Alive? SHOCKING!!

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On May 2 , 2011 , President Obama announces Osama Bin Laden’s execution as an result of NAVY’s in Pakistan , Bin Laden’s burried at sea within 24 hours , The Associated press demands photos and facts of the terrorist leader’s demise , however this demand was denied by the US Government , also they refused to give any evidence at all , merely saying that the dna tests prove the body’s identity.


At the same time the former head of Pakistani’s Intellegence service claims that all this is a Hoax and it isn’t true , also the neighbours at the compound say that there never were and operation neither Obama lived there.

An Journalist from US Seymor Hersh claimed that these governments story are “All Lies” , and just was meant to boost Barack Obama’s popularity before his Re-Election Campaign , Alex Jones another US journalist believes that Bin Laden was an US Agent , and this was just a cover up for his retirment.

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