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How A Dog Should Wear Pants?

How might a pooch wear pants? This bent inquiry has been tormenting the Internet in any event since November, when a Yik Yak client suggested the conversation starter, and afterward BuzzFeed surveyed its perusers. Quick forward to December when FB page Utopian Raspberry client "Norbert" posted an adapted outline of the same inquiry, which was then re-tweeted by Maxim editorial manager Jared Keller, who went ahead to meet "Norbert." Read the short meeting, then see the astounding picture and Mashable's thoughts on it, underneath: 

"I made it the previous evening at around 2 or 3 am (it's 4:30 pm now my time)," Norbert told Maxim. "I saw a few pooches wearing jeans, and I pondered how they don't generally have arms so their jeans ought to in fact go on each leg. I simply attempted both forms. I genuinely didn't anticipate that it will turn out to be so mainstream," he included. "I'm simply happy individuals thought that it was exciting."

More info: Utopian Raspberry | Maxim (h/t: jaredbkeller)


Image credits: Jared Keller

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