Published on: 2/9/2020

Mini Land Rover Defender

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Designer Dejan Hristov visualises rumoured entry-level model
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The smaller Defender is expected to make its debut as a pure-electric model with sharper lines than the larger modelsImage Credit: Dejan Hristov/
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The renderings by designer Dejan Hristov show LED taillights, a large spare wheel cover on the tailgate, and a large sunroof.Image Credit: Dejan Hristov/
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In profile, the off-roader looks sharp with a wheelbase that looks similar to that of the Suzuki JimnyImage Credit: Dejan Hristov/
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From the front, it’s unmistakably Land Rover, with the distinct front grille and the Defender badge. Image Credit: Dejan Hristov/
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Reports late last year said the bay off-roader might not be called Defender, but could bear the name Land Rover 80Image Credit: Dejan Hristov/
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The off-roader has been rendered in both tw- and four-door versions, and sports a flat roof and squared wing mirrors Image Credit: Dejan Hristov/
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Reports suggest the entry-level model could arrive as soon as 2021 with four-cylinder combustion engines and a three-cylinder hybrid powertrain Image Credit: Dejan Hristov/
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There have been unconfirmed reports that the new model will be priced at £25,000 (Dh120,000). If that’s true, then this will be one of the most affordable models from Land Rover. Image Credit: Dejan Hristov/
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The thin LED headlights and taillights are clearly conceptual but if the actual vehicle will look anything like these renderings, it will be one of the best looking small off-roadersImage Credit: Dejan Hristov/
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If produced, the baby off-roader will use a new platform that Land Rover calls the D10 and parent firm Tata calls the Omega-Arc, which also underpins Tata’s new Harrier SUV
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