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100 iOS 12 changes and features

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iOS 12 has now been out in the wild for a little over 24 hours, and we’ve been digging through the highly-anticipated beta to find new features. In this hands-on video walkthrough, we showcase 100 new iOS 12 features and changes.

iOS 12 is finally here and Apple has finally delivered on features we’ve had on our wishlist for almost a decade now. Grouped notifications? Yes, sir. Granular Do Not Disturb controls? Don’t mind if I do. Group FaceTime? Finally. iOS 12 is a performance upgrade. It’s made up of many little features that add up to a really delightful experience.

Find out about all the new and hidden features coming to iOS 12 this fall.

1. Better Performace for Older Devices

Apple is working hard to bring the new iOS 12 features to every phone that supported iOS 11. This goes back to the iPhone 5s! And this time Apple is actually tweaking CPU performance bursts so older devices get the right CPU power at the right time. On an iPhone 6, apps launch 40% faster, the keyboard comes up 50% faster and camera opens 70% faster.

2. Grouped Notifications

iOS 12 Grouped Notifications

Apple is finally giving us an overhauled notification system and it starts with something we’ve wanted for a long time: grouped notifications! Apple will group notifications not just by apps but by threads, conversations, and context as well! You can tap on a group to view all the notifications in it.

3. Do Not Disturb During Bedtime

When you’re using Do Not Disturb at night, it will no longer light up the screen when you get a notification. All you’ll see is a dark lock screen when you tap on the screen. In the morning, notifications will still be hidden. You can tap on the screen to view them when you’re ready.

4. Control Center Shortcut for Do Not Disturb

You can now 3D Touch the Control Center shortcut for Do Not Disturb to set customized DND session at any given time. You can turn it on for just an hour if you wish. If you’ve got a calendar appointment, you can do put your phone in DND mode just for this meeting.

5. Manage Notification Settings from Lock Screen

iOS 12 Notifications Manage Settings

Now, you can manage notification settings for an app right from the notification view. You can turn off notifications for an app, hide it from Lock Screen and more without going to Settings. If you’re not using an app or interacting with a notification, Siri will even suggest that you turn off notifications for the app.

6. Critical Alerts

There’s a new type of opt-in notification created for critical information, like reports for healthcare providers, that you will receive even when you have Do Not Disturb turned on.

7. Screen Time

The Screen Time feature will give you a detailed report of how you’re spending your time on your device. This includes which app you’re using, for how much, how many times you’re picking up your phone, in what context and so on. The detailed are synced with your iPhone and iPad. You’ll also get a weekly summary of your habits.

This feature will give you an insight into how you’re using your device.

8. App Limits

Once you know how much time an app is taking up, you can set limits for using particular apps. You’ll get a notification when your time is almost up. And when it’s up, you’ll see a splash screen instead of the app. You can ignore the limit and iOS will give you a bit more time before bugging you again.

9. Parental Controls with App Limits

The App Limits feature is integrated with Family Sharing. So a parental device can set app usage limits for a kid’s device. Parents can set an allowance for time to be used in general or specifically on a category of apps. Parents can set limits for age-appropriate content as well.

10. New Animojis

There are four new Animojis: Ghost, Koala, Tiger, and Trex.

11. Tongue Detection in Animoji

You can now stick your tongue out no matter which emoji you’re using. There’s also wink detection.

12. Memoji

You can now create your own Animoji character. If you’ve ever used Bitmoji, this is similar to that feature, but in 3D space. You can choose from a diverse set of options of skin color, hair, eye color and more to create an Animoji character that closely resembles the real you.

13. Effects in Messages Camera

When you open the camera from the Messages app, you’ll see a little Effects icon in the bottom-left. Here, you’ll be able to add a filter, any sticker, Animoji or Memoji. This is a really cool way to send fun photos and videos in iMessages, especially when you’re getting Memoji in the camera view, live.

14. Group FaceTime

FaceTime is finally getting a huge upgrade. FaceTime has a new design and you can now do group calls for upto 32 people! People show up in floating tiles and when they speak, their tiles become bigger and more prominent.

15. FaceTime Integration in Messages

You can start a FaceTime call from a group thread in Messages. People can join in from the link in Messages and leave when they want.

16. Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestions are now spread across the OS. As Siri learns your routine, Siri will suggest you shortcuts for things you need to do at the right time. This can be on the Lock Screen or in the search.

17. New Shortcuts App

Apple has integrated the Workflow app right inside iOS now. It’s called Shortcuts and it’s tied with Siri. The UI for creating a shortcut is very similar to Workflow. You can create a shortcut with multiple steps. Actions that happen one after the other. The cool thing is that you can give it a name, call on it from Siri and Siri will perform all of those actions for you!

18. Add to Siri

iOS 12 Add to Siri Shortcuts

Siri is opening up to third-party apps via a new SiriKit API! Using an Add to Siri button, third-party apps will be able to expose certain functionality to Siri. You can then run it from Siri on any of your devices, including the HomePod.

19. Better Translation

Translation with Siri now works with over 40 language pairs. Previously it was limited to only a handful of languages.

20. New Knowledge Areas for Siri

Siri is now much smarter about a lot of things. Siri will answer questions about Motorsports, celebrity facts, and food knowledge. You can also search for Photos Memories and passwords using Siri.

21. New Apple Books App

iBooks has been renamed and has a whole new design now. It starts off with a Reading Now section which gives you a preview of what you’re reading. The app also has a redesigned ebook and audiobooks store with a design similar to the App Store.

22. New Stocks App

The redesigned Stocks app gives you more information about the market at a glance. Along with the prices, you’ll be able to see sparklines as well. There are interactive charts plus Apple News integration. You’ll get the latest stories about the market which you can read right inside Stocks app.

23. Stocks App on iPad

Stocks App is now on the iPad as well. It has a sidebar where you can see all the stock prices.

24. New Voice Memos App

Voice Memos also gets a redesign and it’s also available on the iPad now.

25. New Measure App

The New Measure app lets you measure flat rectangle surfaces simply by drawing a line on the live camera view. The awesome feature about this app is that if you simply point your camera at an object, it will detect the edges automatically and will count the distance on its own as well!

26. News App Improvements

It’s easier to navigate the news feed now. Just swipe down to jump to your favorite topic or channels. On the iPad you can do all that from the new sidebar.

27. Enhanced Tracking Prevention

Apple is building on the feature from iOS 12. Now, iOS blocks share buttons and comment widgets from tracking you without your permission. Safari also prevents advertisers from collecting your device’s unique settings, so they can’t retarget ads to you across the web.

28. Better Password Management

iOS will now help you suggest stronger passwords and you’ll be reminded when you reuse the same password again.

29. Easily Share Passwords

You can now easily share passwords with nearby iOS devices. This works from iOS to Mac and iOS to Apple TV as well (which will be a huge help when setting up a new Apple TV).

30. New Autofill Passwords API

If third-party developers choose to integrate it, they’ll be able to access the iOS autofill functionality natively! No need to use an extension or switch between apps to use something like 1Password to fill in your passwords.

31. OTP Autofill

This new feature is going to be a game changer for people who use Two Factor Authentication. iOS will now automatically fill in one-time passcodes received over SMS. No need to copy and paste or remember 6 digit codes.

32. New For You Tab in Photos

This new tab is the new single place for your Memories, Shared albums, and for intelligent suggestions from Siri. This is where you’ll find effect suggestions, featured photos and more.

33. Sharing Suggestions

Similar to Google Photos, you’ll be able to share a group of photos with your friends easily. Photos app will identify events and places and will suggest you share an album with other people. It will recognize people using face recognition. Once shared, your friends will get a popup to share photos back.

34. Search Suggestions

Intelligent search suggestions will give you quick suggestions for events, people, places, and dates when you start searching.

35. Places and Event Search

You’ll be able to quickly search photos based on where you took them. Specific and generic terms will both work. Similarly, you’ll be able to search for events as well. Search now supports multiple keywords.

36. RAW Photo Support

You can now import and manage RAW photos right on your iPhone and iPad! If you’ve got an iPad Pro, you can edit them as well.

37. Portrait Lighting Gets Better

A much-needed change, the Portrait Lighting is getting an upgrade in iOS 12. The camera app now generates a mask when it detects a person and intelligently and elegantly separates the person from the scene. The biggest problem with Portrait Lighting was the bad edge detection with faces. This should help with that.

38. Highlighted QR Codes

QR Codes are now highlighted once they’re recognized in the Camera app, making them easier to scan.

39. Portrait Segmentation API

A new API for third-party developers allows for the separation of layers in a photo, such as separating the background from the foreground.

40. ARKit 2.0

The new version of ARKit comes with better 3D object recognition, better face tracking, scene reflection and more.

41. Multi-User AR

Multiple devices can now share a single AR experience. You can now play a single AR game with your friends!

42. A new AR File Format

Apple is making it really easy to create and share 3D objects in AR. To make it easier to share objects, Apple has created a new file format called USDZ. This will make it easy to preview objects in AR and to share it using Mail, Messages or even in a browser.

43. Easily Quit Apps on iPhone X

On iOS 11, quitting an app on iPhone X required a tap and hold action. Now you don’t need to do that anymore! Enter multitasking and just swipe up to force quit an app on iOS 12!

44. Automatic Updates

Apple is taking a page from the Microsoft playbook here. There’s a new option in Software Update section called Automatic Updates. Thankfully this feature is turned off by default but if you want to install all updates automatically, you can choose to turn this on.

45. Safari Tabs in iPhone X Landscape View

iOS 12 Safari Tabs Landscape with Icons

Now in Landscape view Safari will show tabs on top of the screen. A nice addition that should have been there from day one.

46. iPhone X Gestures on the iPad

Swiping down from the top-right corner on the iPad will bring down Control Center. And by swiping anywhere on the Dock you can quickly go back to the Home screen. While this is not exactly like the iPhone X, it’s close enough that it won’t lead to frustrations when switching between the two devices.

47. QR Code Control

There’s a new default control added in Control Center. It’s a shortcut to quickly open the camera and scan for a QR code.

48. Show Icons in Tabs for Safari

iOS 12 Safari Tabs

If you enable this feature from Safari settings, you’ll now see icons for web pages in the tab view and in landscape mode.

49. New Shortcuts section in Siri  Settings

iOS 12 Add to Siri Shortcuts

There’s a new Shortcuts section in Siri & Search which will prompt you to create a shortcut for an action. It can be messaging someone on a specific platform, opening a page in Safari or anything else. The great part is that you can record a specific phrase that will make Siri do the action.

50. Bedtime Mode in Do Not Disturb Settings

You can turn on Bedtime Mode from Do Not Disturb. This will stop messages and calls from lighting up the screen at night. All notifications will be hidden until you get started in the morning.

51. Battery Statistics in Battery Settings

iOS 12 Battery Statistics

There’s a new battery statistics chart in Battery settings. You’ll see battery level and usage time in one graph!

52. New Voice Memos Settings

iOS 12 Voice Memos Settings

From the Voice Memos section in the Settings app, you can choose the audio compression quality, change the default recording name and even delete old notes automatically after 30 days (or never).

53. New Siri Voice Works With Text to Speech

The new Siri voice now works when you’re using Speak Selection feature.

54. Skip Customization and Headphones Support in Podcasts App

Podcasts app now lets you customize skip seconds between 10 and 60 seconds interval. It also supports forward and backward seek when using Bluetooth (headphones and in the car).

55. Swipe Up To Retry Face ID

In iOS 12, you can swipe up again to retry a Face ID authentication when it fails. In dark, this is a really helpful feature.

56. Now Playing Widget In Dark Mode

The Now Playing widget on Lock Screen and in Notification Center is now dark.

57. New Siri Phrases

Siri now works with phrases like “where is my phone”, “where is my watch” and “turn on my flashlight”.

58. New Interface for Trophies in Activity App

iOS 12 Activity Awards Screen

The achievements section in Activity app gets a whole new interface.

59. New Play Button for Artists in Apple Music

Now, Artists page gets a new Play button in the banner section. Tapping it will start a random song from the artist.

60. Markup Feature Gets More Color Options

iOS 12 Markup Color Picker

The Markup feature for screenshots and image editing has a color picker for the pen tool. Instead of 6 colors previously, you now have access to an array of colors.

And More

We’re constantly updating this list as we discover new delightful features. What have we missed? Comment below and we’ll add it here (and give you a shoutout).

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  • New iOS 12 wallpaper
  • New Measure app
  • Leveler moved from Compass app
  • Swipe up to kill apps
  • Redesigned Voice Memos app
  • Voice Memos for iPad
  • Date in iPad Status Bar
  • Faster performance
  • Updated QuickType keyboard UI
  • Updated Stocks app
  • iPad Stocks app
  • New iPhone X-inspired iPad gestures
  • Redesigned News app
  • More Markup color options
  • Change markup thickness and opacity
  • Control Center Scan QR Code shortcut
  • QR Codes now highlighted in frame
  • Face ID Alternative Appearance
  • Apple Books
  • Updated Apple Books preferences
  • Enhanced battery statistics
  • Persistent battery usage data
  • Hey Siri works with Low Power Mode
  • Security code autofill
  • New ‘Strong Password’ verbiage
  • Updated Passwords and Accounts preferences
  • Ask Siri for passwords
  • Password reuse auditing
  • Automatic system updates switch
  • English thesaurus
  • New dictionaries
  • CarPlay supports third-party navigation apps
  • Do Not Disturb during bedtime
  • New Do Not Disturb options
  • Grouped notifications
  • Instant tuning for notifications
  • Deliver notifications quietly
  • Updated Notification Center
  • Updated Notifications preferences UI
  • Sounds and Haptics preferences relocated
  • Control Center preferences relocated
  • Control Center Shortcut for Do Not Disturb
  • New Stocks preferences
  • New Voice Memos preferences
  • New Measure preferences
  • No System Services Location icon
  • Favicons in Safari tabs
  • Podcast app custom skip settings
  • Remote control skip support for Podcasts
  • Animoji tongue detection
  • Animoji wink detection
  • Memoji
  • Memoji Maker
  • Longer Animoji (30 secs)
  • Messages app Camera
  • Photos iMessage app
  • Messages app Camera effects
  • Messages app Animoji
  • Messages app filters
  • Messages app text effects
  • Messages app shapes
  • Redesigned App Strip
  • Quick Messages app contact shortcuts
  • New Photos Search and For You app tabs
  • New Photos app Album media types
  • New Photos app Search
  • New Photos app For You
  • Updated photo/video import interface 
  • Find My iPhone intents for Siri
  • Add Shortcuts to Siri
  • Screen Time
  • Screen Time (Downtime)
  • Screen Time (App Limits)
  • Screen Time (Always Allow)
  • Screen Time (Restrictions)
  • Screen Time (for kids)
  • FaceTime enhancements
  • Group FaceTime
  • Group FaceTime Messages
  • Search for Music via lyrics
  • Rescan failed Face ID 
  • Trackpad mode via space bar
  • Dark now playing Lock screen UI
  • Siri flashlight control
  • Workflow scripts work with Siri Shortcuts
  • Extended email preview on notifications
  • Dictation works with third-party keyboards
  • Updated Apple Music artist page
  • New Spotlight Suggestions (open links)
  • Scrollable Reachability
  • Live Listen Control Center Hearing shortcut
  • New Control Center brightness control animation
  • Apple Music Featured Radio Stations
  • New home settings icon in Home app
  • New notifications section for Home app
  • Weather app air quality settings
  • Screen Time widget
  • Enhanced Spotlight Siri suggestions
  • Updated Screen Recording UI for iPad

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