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Plane with Rocket Boosters can reach New York To London in Just 11 Minutes

The designer of the Skreemr plane has now thought of an incredible new idea to make the future air travel much additionally hypnotizing. Charles Bombardier's most recent idea is equipped for achieving Mach 24. It is double the velocity of Skreemr and 12 times quicker than Concorde. It has a limit of 10 individuals, and can fly up to 12,430 miles inside of 60 minutes. 

Look at this astounding development.

The 'Antipode'


"I wanted to create an aircraft concept capable of reaching its antipode—or diametrical opposite—as fast as possible", Bombardier told Forbes. This Canadian engineer from ImaginActiv had taken the world by shock when he had unveiled the Skreemr jet concept.

A magnetic railgun system to launch it


He said that a magnetic railgun system could be exploited to launch the jet, which would induce in it a speed of Mach 10.

Liquid-oxygen or kerosene as fuel

Rockets that use Liquid-oxygen or kerosene as fuel, will be propelled so as to help it reach the speed of Mach 4 soon enough.

Noise and heat were loopholes

"One foreseeable problem was the sonic boom noise it would generate over land and the massive amount of heat that would build up on its nose and wings", he told DailyMail. Then, Joseph Hazeltine had contacted him and told him about the aerodynamic phenomenon called Long Penetration Mode (LPM).

Just any airfield

Unlike the Skreemr, this one can take off from literally any airfield, due to the use of rocket boosters attached to it. These rockets that will attach to the wings of the Antipode will help him to lift off, reach 40,000 feet, and reach Mach 5.

Mach 24 at 40,000 feet

At Mach 5, the jet's supersonic combustion ramjet engine will be ignited by its on-board computer, and thereby make it to accelerate up to Mach 24 at 40,000 feet.

Leading edge of the wings

It is also possible to fix in the leading edge of the wings linear nozzles so that air can flow out too. "The Antipod could be used as business or military aircraft to transport two highly ranked officials across the globe (up to 20,000 km) in less than an hour", he said.

Is there a demand?

"I think the cost will be at least over $150 million per plane and it could become a reality if there is a demand. But first, further research needs to be conducted."

The video showing all about it

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