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Amazing Facts About the Most Expensive House in the World

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The home of Mukesh Ambani is the palatial tower ?Antilia? that towers above the skyline of Mumbai reminding everyone that this is where the richest man in India resides! ?This ambitious project was estimated at 2 billion dollars to build, which makes it the world?s priciest private residence.? It is believed that Ambani had bought the piece of land for only 4 million dollars, which makes the cost of the building even more astounding.

Ambani did receive a lot of flak for spending such a meager amount for the plot which was apparently only a small proportion of the actual market rate and then converting it into a flamboyant tower in a city like Mumbai where a majority of people live in slums.? However, this was perhaps one side to the story, for the others Antilia is demonstrative of the corporate strengths of the Ambanis and their new abode is reflective of the massive changes that are happening in the entire social strata of the country which is seen through the complex strata in the tower. This grandiose residence is located on Mumbai?s poshest street and it sticks out into Mumbai?s skyline like a tower made out of building blocks with a glassy exterior which hides the various luxurious elements of the building such as public, private, maintenance, support and play.? Here are some facts of the most expensive house in the world:

  1. Antilia is the new residence of Mukesh Ambani, his wife Nita Ambani and the three children, besides 600 people staff members that help maintain the mansion and family errands.
  2. Some of the floors in this 27-storey tower have double or even triple height, therefore, people normally get the impression that the tower has around 40 storeys as it is 570 feet high.
  3. Nita Ambani has stated that the concept behind the house is ?the lotus and the sun? (as told to Vanity Fair).? The skilled artisans were ordered to create motifs using these two elements from marble, rare woods, mother of pearl and other such expensive materials.
  4. Six floors in the building are strictly dedicated to their cars- the parking lot- as the Ambanis have a fleet of 168 cars and now they can keep all of them together!
  5. Since they have so many cars, they also decided to have their own car service center on the 7th?floor of the tower.
  6. There is a private theater than can seat 50 people and on the roof of the theater is a terrace garden (one of the many!).
  7. The tower has 9 extremely fast elevators that service the various floors, for instance, there are separate elevators for guests and the Ambani family members and so on.
  8. They have their own ?snow world? which they call the ?ice room? to experience the winters indoors, while hot outside in Mumbai.
  9. Perched right on top of the tower is the private residence of the Ambanis that spans four floors.? They chose the topmost floors because Nita (wife of Mukesh) ?wanted more sunlight and a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.?
  10. Apart from the three helipads that are located on Antilia, there is also a special "air space floor," which is the control center of the helicopters


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