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Boyfriend of Isha Ambani

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Isha Ambani doesn't need any introduction. Being the daughter of Mukesh Ambani, the richest man of India, makes her a household name. She is already named as one among world's top ten billionaire heiresses, ranked? second by Forbes Magazine. What make her apart from other well-known kids of Indian businessmen are her sharp intelligence, acumen and brilliance. She has got many 'neutral' accolades and awards for her academic performances.

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Recently, she joined Mckinsey after graduating from the Yale University. It is believed that her stint at Mckinsey is a harbinger of the bigger corporate role she is going to acquire at Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). She is now currently linked with Reliance Jio project with her brother Akash. It is natural that she is touted as the most sought after girl of India. Is there anyone in her private life? Who is that lucky guy to have become the boyfriend of the richest girl of India?

Ambani's wife had 3 lovers in past

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Boyfriend of Isha Ambani

Isha Ambani is not dating someone publicly. However, it is well-known fact in high profile Mumbai circles that she had dated two guys. The first one was her classmate. She did her schooling from Dhiru Bhai International School. The school is run by her mother. Undoubtedly, she had quite high influence in the school. There she came in contact with?�Harshvardhan Gupte, the son of a Mumbai Businessman. Unfortunately, Isha Ambani couldn't date her. She used to always remain under high security. Then there has always been media scrutiny over her personal life. It was simply impossible for her to date Harshvardhan in Mumbai, or for that matter anywhere in India. During her school days she could not go on a foreign trip without her parents. However, the news about their growing relationship started to be heard in the school premises. Naturally, her mother Nita Ambani also came to know about it. Concerned about the privacy and unwanted controversy about the personal life family members, she ordered Isha to just keep away from her boyfriend. She even asked the management to change the class of Isha, which was obliged. These restrictions took a heavy toll on their relationship and the broke up happened. As we can see, Isha Ambani could not follow her first relationship.

Isha Ambani's second boyfriend
After the completion of her schooling from Mumbai, Isha Ambani took admission in the?�Yale University?in the United States. She is enrolled in Psychology and South Asian Studies courses. As a matter of fact,?Isha Ambani?loves playing Piano. In fact, she has got professional training for it.
And, the love for this music compelled her to come closer with a guy at Yale University, also a pianist. Little is known about that guy. However, it is widely believed that he is not an Indian. It will be quite interesting to see whether Nita Ambani allow Isha to be in this relationship for long.
Nita Ambani had publicly said that Isha (she calls her?Ishu) is her best friend. She is her eldest offspring (her twin Akash Ambani was born one minute later). Nita Ambani told that she doesn't interfere in the personal life of her children. She loves to give them freedom. However, she said that the freedom given to them doesn't mean that they are free to compromise with the family values. You should get the point here. Nita Ambani will not allow Isha to get hooked with any one. Isha has to do it privately and secretly.
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